At The Exchange, we're passionate about giving. 
Our life's work centers around the burden we have to empower believers to give the gospel.

Giving is also the lifeblood that fuels our ministry. 
If you've been impacted by The Exchange, please consider supporting our ministry. Gifts like these will help us share the gospel with even more people. 

Ministries That Support The Exchange

Deuteronomy 16:17 – "Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you."
Give $25
(One Time Donation)

Use this option to donate $25 to The Exchange. Your giving will directly affect our ministry opportunities around the world!

Monthly Partnership

The Exchange Monthly Partnership is your way to have a lasting impact on our ministry. You can select from 4 monthly giving amounts. These gifts are the cornerstone of  support to The Exchange!

Give Any Amount
(One Time Donation)

Use this option to donate a one-time gift of any amount to The Exchange. Thank you for your commitment to advancing the gospel!

Sow bountifully, 
reap bountifully...
2 Cor 9:6-8

All payments are processed securely through Paypal. 
You can pay with any credit card and do not have to open a Paypal account. We do not store any credit card information

"Our family has been richly blessed by The Exchange, and has impacted multiple generations for Christ. The Exchange Partnership is the least we can do to support the amazing work God is doing!"
MaryEllen, TX

"The Great Commission was the last thing Jesus left us with, a challenge to reach those around us. The Exchange has made this their sole purpose, and we view our giving to the Exchange a fulfillment of this charge."
Jon & Ruth, CO

"As a church, and as a family, we have made giving to The Exchange a priority. There are very few ministries truly affecting change in the US and abroad as we see happening with The Exchange."
Rob & Rochelle, PA

Cornerstone Church
North Platte, NE

People Who've Been Impacted By The Exchange

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